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Time to Begin

After a short wait for my items to arrive in the mail, I am set up to begin my crafts! I bought a fun set of crochet hooks, a small bundle of yarn and a book of instructions for my first crafts. I chose "Whimsical Stitches" by Lauren Espy. When I choose to learn something, I dive straight in the deep end. Go big or go home, right? Therefore, these whimsical stitches will be perfect to dive straight in.

I could have began with the small beginner items; such as blankets and scarfs. Don't worry I still will be doing these on the side as well, but learning how to crochet a little turtle or octopus has me very excited! Diving into the deep end always intrigues me while I learn a craft.

But in order to learn the harder crochet stitches, I know I must begin with the basics. I have started practicing already with how to begin the stitch (creating the hoop) and getting my hands used to the repetitive nature of the single stitch. Really, all crocheting is about is learning the basic stitches and applying them over and over again. So the real trick here is practice, practice, practice. The more I train my hands to make crocheting second nature, the better I will become at creating wonderful items for you all!

So for now, practice, practice, practice. I will hopefully have at least one item created by next week to begin to sell; but I do want to make sure I have plenty of inventory saved up in different color options for people to potentially want to buy.

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