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First Craft Complete - Uh Sorta

Well, I began my attempt at my first crochet project with such anticipation and excitement! I received many bundles of yarn to eagerly begin with. Now, where to start? Do I start with an easy pattern or jump right in? I began with a pink pattern anticipated for a baby blanket. As I crochet and start counting loops and weaving the yarn between each other to create a beautiful pattern, I start to feel like this yarn is not as soft as I had hoped for a baby blanket .So, I put down a couple of hours of work with the pink yarn to turn to a blue bundle of yarn that felt so soft that I would love to cuddle up with a blanket made from it for myself. Maybe that will be a task down the road but for now let us stick to the easier patterns.

As I slowly crochet each line while doing my day to day tasks and watching the kids, somewhere in the middle I lost count and made some lines shorter than others unknowingly. I did not even notice until after I completed the blanket. Another downfall to my FIRST piece was I did not realize that baby blankets were bigger than 15x17; which is what I made the size of this baby blanket as. I spent so many hours on this to not try and salvage something off of it, so since this is my first ever product I will be selling it very cheap!!

I researched typically how much handmade crocheted baby blankets cost on ETSY and the results were crazy in my opinion, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. Some crafters were selling the baby blankets for $50 and some for $25. I understand now how much goes into making these beautiful handmade gifts now that I have completed one. I cannot even tell you how many hours I spent already on just one product and how many time my hands cramped up in pain. Nonetheless, I will be selling my first one for only $12 since the edges are not fully lined up and the size is just a bit smaller than others I saw being sold. The typical size I saw on ETSY was 20x23 but mine is only 15x17 just by excitement to complete a piece and me not realizing the length of the first strand is the most important part to measure. I did not think about measuring until I was finished. Oops!

For a moment, I even thought about not selling my first product at all, but I came to my senses to not loose out on the cost of materials and all the hours of my time spent completing this project. Therefore, as time goes on and my crocheting abilities strengthen, I shall only charge according to the quality I will be giving out. As a beginner, I have to obtain only a small profit sadly, but plan to continue to grow! Since this is my only income at this moment, I hope that time is not too lengthy.

If you are interested in a baby blanket, you can follow this link to my ETSY shop. I am actually going to make these to order with two dimension options and 6 different colors!

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