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Just the Beginning.... My Story of "Why?"

Why choose to start your own business? What happens if it is not successful? What if no one likes your products? What if I loose money instead of make money?

Yes, these were all the questions going on in my head while deciding whether to create this business or not. Obviously, I decided to take the leap since you are reading this right now. Yes, I was scared and not too sure about it yet, but let me tell you what lead up to this decision. Don't worry, it won't take long, and shortly after this post we will get into the good stuff - the crafts and products!

First off, I was a single mom working full time trying to survive bills. I had a good paying job and a very trustworthy Nanny. Then - COVID hit. When Corona hit, everything changed. Everyone's way of living had changed whether they noticed it or not. Due to the virus, I had lost my childcare; which in return made me lose my job (in the beginning of December right before Christmas). Without childcare I was unable to find another job that would be able to pay for the bills. Thankfully, I had just gotten engaged a couple weeks before this happening; therefore, I had some help with this transition.

During this transition to staying home with the children (ages 3 & 2), we brainstormed many ways for me to handle all of my bills without a steady income flow. This is where my brain started to think, "Maybe I can sell handmade crafts?" I have loved crafts ever since I was young and every year I still make each Christmas gift for family members (cheaper and more intimate gifting in my opinion!). But due to my limited time in the past, I have let my love of crafts fade.

Now to today, I finally realized that being home with the kids gives me the time to pick back up my trade of creating handmade gifts! I am definitely rusty in my abilities, but I feel like I will pick it back up in no time. It's like riding a bike, right? So, I hope you will enjoy the journey with us as we discover whether this decision was a

good one or not, but for now we will go with it as the best decision ever for our family.

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