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2016 The End Tamil Dubbed Torrent __HOT__

Prior to the release, the film was pirated by torrent sites which affected its theatrical run. However, it also helped the film gain more popularity and response among the audience, who praised filmmaker Vijay for the direction.[37] The fans requested to release the uncut version of the film, but Vijay Kumar revealed that the uncensored footage of the film destroyed during the 2015 South Indian floods, which flooded his office in Jafferkhanpet, but the team had a copy of the censored and edited version of the film at Prasad Labs, where the director had to reassemble his cut from the copy.[38][10] Uriyadi, along with 12 other Tamil films, was screened at the Tamil film competition of the 14th Chennai International Film Festival 2016.[39][40]

2016 The End tamil dubbed torrent


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