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Best Buy Play Food Assortment

Sorting is a great early math activity to introduce to preschoolers, and there are tons of ways to do it with play food! To name a few: sort by food group, sort by color, sort by shape, sort by which meal they are eaten at, etc.

best buy play food assortment

Place several pieces of play food on a tray and show it to your preschooler. Have them close their eyes and remove an item. Let them reexamine the tray and determine what is missing. This is a great activity to help students pay attention to details and work on memory skills!

Hold a piece of play food behind your back and give clues as to what the food might be. Let children guess until they come up with the right item! This offers lots of critical thinking opportunities and is tons of fun!

Use the vegetables in a bit of brown cloud dough to simulate digging them up in the dirt. Place fruits in a bin of water with a bit of soap and washcloths to practice washing them. There are lots of ways to include play food in play outside of the kitchen area!

Use play food in creative new ways, like making silly faces with them! Tomato eyes, bacon nose, and a cantaloupe mouth! How about pea eyes, pizza nose, and a bacon mouth? Come up with as many silly combinations as you can and have fun talking about each food you use for your designs!

Play a gross motor game using play food. Try tossing the pizza slices in a pizza box laying on the ground, fruit into a picnic basket, bacon into a frying pan, etc. This is a great indoor activity that will have the kids excited to play again and again!

Planning a well-balanced meal is child's play with this wooden play food set. Items from the five food groups--including watermelon, milk, cheese, fish, eggs, and much more--are crafted of solid wood and come with four wooden baskets for sorting and storage.

When looking for the best play kitchens, I aimed to keep things as affordable as possible, have high-quality materials, and offer an assortment of styles. (I admit, I do naturally steer toward more neutral colors though!)

Awesome! Toy kitchen is most favorite play in childhood. In my childhood, I had spent most of the time with my toy kitchen. My 2 years girls also like it so much. I think this kind of pretend play kitchen also helpful for child mental growth. So I want to buy the best toy kitchen play for my baby. Thank for sharing collection kitchen sets to choose the right one for my kids.

Amazing collection! Pretend play kitchen helps kids mental growth. Its essential for kids skill development. Kids can learn many things through play. I am searching best play kitchen for my kids. Thanks for such a helpful guideline sharing with us.

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