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This challenge was awesome! I did it in conjunction with training for my second 50k, in just over a week! I did less running with this training cycle than I did with my first 50k but I felt like I was more smart about my running. I feel so much stronger overall, my mobility, balance, and strength have had great improvements. I liked the combination of the strength with the specific run workouts. Rather than just running a certain mileage or number of days per week. I am happy to incorporate these into my regular fitness routine and continue to build on it!


When I signed my first pro contract as a runner 8 years ago, I was continually scrutinized for my muscular build. I responded by continually championing the importance of building a strong and powerful body as a way to endure the long miles and hours I spent training on the roads and mountains. Over the years, I've proved this training to be effective, keeping myself injury-free for almost a decade while racing my way to the top of podiums around the world. As a leader in the endurance community, I often use my platform to encourage others to focus more on choosing strength rather than trying to fit a one size fits all mold. My raw and down-to-earth approach to coaching has made me a frequently sought-after coach and speaker. I am also a wife, mother of two, and have owned my own coaching and fitness business for almost two decades. Born and raised in Southern California, you can find me logging 100+ miles a week along the coast and in my local mountains.

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