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Where To Buy Silk Flower Arrangements

Our artificial flower arrangements feature a selection of handcrafted blossoms designed with exceptional realism and stunning details. Delight in the elegance and splendor of springtime all year round with artificial spring flower arrangements that feature exquisite blooms, from Balsam Hill.

where to buy silk flower arrangements

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The finest home decor destination. Our premium collection offers the best selection of faux botanicals, flowers and floral arrangements alongside elegant accessories to bring any space to life. We keep up with the latest trends in color, texture and style to bring you the most exceptional pieces.From porcelain vases, potted floor plants and large silk flowers to our iconic floral arrangements, every piece in the Winward Home collection captures the spirit of design.

Use your talents, drive and creativity to start a profitable silk flower business. An alternative to fresh flowers, silk flowers add elegance and beauty to any event or environment. Even though silk flowers are in demand year-round, the competition may be steep depending on your location and the number of other businesses offering silk flower arranging services. Constantly meeting potential new clients, word-of-mouth advertising and a strong online presence can help you stand out from your competition and provide you with steady work.

Determine target markets or those who have a need for silk floral arrangements. Those interested include brides, wedding consultants, event planners, property management companies, banquet halls and home improvement or decor retailers. Conduct online and offline research to determine the size of these markets, if there is demand locally and the amount of competition in these markets. Use online and offline business directories, visit competitor websites or contact local businesses in your area to determine local needs. Consider your skills and interest when choosing target markets. For example, large bouquets for weddings are typical, while small arrangements are best for office lobbies and retailers.

Research niche markets, or subsets of larger markets to attract even more clients. Niche markets are often overlooked by larger businesses, but may be profitable to smaller businesses and are less competitive. Niche markets for silk flower arrangements may include community theaters, small office buildings, government offices, small boutiques, art galleries and souvenir shops.

Create a home workspace or rent studio space. You will need space to make and arrange flowers, storage for materials and space for business invoices and other paperwork. A home workspace is less expensive when first starting out, but a studio space may be necessary if you do not have available space at home. Purchase a computer, invoicing and bookkeeping software, schedule creation software to track when projects are due, a large worktable, comfortable chair, materials for floral arrangements and other supplies.

Create an online portfolio to showcase your flower making and arranging talents. Include a variety of photos, pricing information, project completion information (estimated finish times), contact information and special services, such as custom arrangements and same-day shipping. If selling specific types of arrangements online, open a merchant account with credit card provider companies to accept credit card payments. Open a merchant account with PayPal or other online payment service, as many business owners use these types of accounts to accept online purchases. Include your website address on all promotional materials including business cards, brochures, postcards and fliers. Create a few floral arrangements to use as samples when meeting face-to-face with clients.

Attend local craft shows, farmers' markets, trade shows and other public events to increase your client base. Donate some of your silk flower arrangements to local hospitals, charitable organizations or offer to make arrangements for charity events. Leave business cards and other promotional materials to attract additional business.

If you have a passion for flowers, art and beauty, then starting a silk-flower arranging business from home may be a phenomenal way to make money. By using silk flowers rather than real flowers, you'll eliminate the risk of flowers withering and the hassle of dealing with dirt. Instead, you'll get to focus on creating impressive designs for your clients. You'll also get to spend more time on acquiring business and customers, rather than managing inventory and the troubles that often come with stocking real flowers.

Locate one or more silk flower wholesale distributors. The lower your purchase price for your flowers, the more money you'll make at the end of the day. Look both online and in trade journals. Check eBay as well. Try to find steady sources of supply for all the silk flowers you'll need in your business. Allocate $200 to $500 for your initial supply of flowers.

Create your office space. Set aside a portion of your house just for your equipment and flowers. Initially, one well-organized room will be enough to stock equipment and silk flowers. As your business grows, you may need to move into a garage or multiple rooms. Also, stock up on other equipment you may need, like flower vases, flower cutters, extra decorations and Styrofoam. Allocate another $100 to $200 for miscellaneous office and start-up supplies.

Network with people in professions that often need silk flowers. These include photographers, real-estate agents, wedding planners and event organizers. It's much easier to run a business with a few steady clients than trying to always find new customers.

Add filler flowers and greenery to the foam block to fill in any holes in the arrangements. Some examples of good fillers include ferns, grasses, leaves and cluster flowers. Trim them down as necessary.

Something Borrowed Blooms has made waves in the wedding and events industry over the last few years. The company has a rent-to-return model for its premium silk flower arrangements that tends to be less expensive and more environmentally friendly than live flower arrangements. 041b061a72


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