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Where To Buy Silhouette Cameo 3

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where to buy silhouette cameo 3


Bluetooth lets you connect wirelessly to your computer, iPad, iPhone, or Android device. With 100 foot range, you can set up your Silhouette anywhere you want, without being tethered to your computer.

This offer only applies to U.S. orders within the Contiguous 48 States where ground shipping is available, and does not apply to Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. Territories or U.S. military (APO/FPO) addresses.

Jennifer, I just want to say thank you for doing these reviews. I love your you tube tutorials, as well! I am new to the vinyl world, and have been going back and forth about which machine to get. I had my mind set on a Cricut, but then saw posts for the silhouette and got confused about which was better for me. I started a small business and want to get some labels and things printed for my products. The time and effort that goes into your videos make my life easier, thank you!! I especially loved the coaster video you did recently! Best, Danielle

Shop-n-Scrap is a small business owned and run by women. Started in 2004, our focus is still on keeping costs low, supporting local where possible, and importing cost-effectively to your requirements. It is our pleasure to serve you.

Hi, I just got the cameo 3 and purchased the business software. I plan to return the cameo 3 since I found out the cameo 4 will be released soon. My question is, will I be able to use the software I bought with the cameo 4 or will I need to re purchase? Thank you in advance.

Hi! I have never used any of these machines but have become very interested in wanting to start making cups and other crafts. Would it be a bad idea to purchase the silhouette 4? Do you have to have previous knowledge? Also do they have anything free online to teach you how to use the machine?

I am thinking about purchasing a silhouette. I have never owned one before so I am new to all of this. I own a Chromebook so know it will not work with it. I will have to also purchase a new laptop. Will the new laptop have to have a DVD/Cd writer to place the cd disk that comes with the bundle in it to load anything on it or is it just a download from the internet? I hope that made sense. Thank you.

Hi Cindy,I have business edition with my cameo 2 and I just quarantine crazy bought the portrait 2. Do I really need it, do I just plug it in to use or do I need to download a whole new set up that will obviously not be business edition. My thought was to have a laptop so I could be mobile with the portrait and the 2mm thickness. Also, can I use the craft blade on my cameo 2? might have been the better choice instead of purchasing the portrait. Im a bit confused.

I love all the projects you show us done with your silhouette! The decorating projects and organizing ones too. The kits of extras really excite me and make me want to experiment! I would love a machine to play with!

I use all Apple products, ipad, macbook pro and iphones. Do both machines work well with apple products? Does it matter? I haven't purchased a machine yet and I'm leaning towards the silhouette cameo.

I want to print images like someone's face and then have that image cut into fabric. Does this even exist and if so will a silhouette work? My internet is not fast and that's why I would go for silhouette.

Not only is the right pinch roller much easier to unlock and adjust than on previous models, but the Cameo 3 now includes completely adjustable spring rollers. This feature is especially helpful when cutting materials such as fun foam where the rollers tend to leave track marks on the media.

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