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Mercs 215 Just Cause 3 Crack BETTER Kickass

o and oxi thats plastic b/c I believe thats the tradesmen if its anything like my 3rd gen Ram its metal w/ a plastic exterior. IMHO better that way so if you ding it up, scratch it real bad etc. you can just replace the plastic cover alot cheaper. Yet the metal underneath means the whole bumper wont crack when you bounce it off a tree or something.

mercs 215 just cause 3 crack kickass

Toyota has plastic bumpers and rusty frames,so the bumper is useless one hit and the bumper falls off and the frame crumbles and the welds crack as per toyota truck/minivan issues for the last 15 years !!!! Plus sludged engines random excelleration proved to be mechanical,they just cleared the electrical and said it wasnt electrical but it is mechanical !!!!!

GM is out selling RAM because RAM cant compete with the proven design of GMC and Chevy! GM put their trucks years ahead of competition! RAM just got a six speed transmission after GM already did before them! GM also pioneered coil rear suspension! Most importantly GMC or Chevy didn't have to change their name to try and hide their embarrassment! The 5.3 V8 gets better fuel economy than their HEMI that has cylinder shutoff, which was another GM design too!Watch the RAM cheerleaders make excuses about their truck like the Ford cheerleaders, its not just numbers, its real world performance! GM wins again! The most dependable, longest lasting trucks on the road! 350c69d7ab


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