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XBOX Laptop

Get ready to head back to school or perhaps the office with this Xbox Series X themed laptop backpack. The front zippered of this bag includes a padded laptop compartment to safely and securely hold up to a 13" laptop.

XBOX Laptop

You can download games from the Microsoft Store and use an emulator such as Xenia to play Xbox 360 games on your laptop. From the Xenia site, select Download > extract the file > and drag the Xbox 360 game you want to play onto the Xenia EXE file to launch the game.

Xbox Remote Play is available in all Xbox-supported countries and regions on Windows PC, Android phones and tablets, and iOS phones and tablets. To learn more about remote play, please visit

Time has come for PC and console gamers to unite to play together (or against!). Consoles are not portable, but now it won't matter because you can pick up where you left off on your laptop while on the go. Your saves and achievements will be carried over. Somebody hogging the TV? Fire up your PC and continue your game from there.

There are various reasons for people to keep using Xbox as their way to play a game. Some appreciate that Xbox has its backward compatibility that allows players to enjoy their older games even on their upgraded console hardware, while others feel that the Xbox controller is sturdy and convenient to use. In this article, we will talk about how you can connect your Xbox to your laptop. The process is simple and you can resume playing after you set up the connection.

Connecting your Xbox to your laptop allows you to use its screen as a display output for the console. All you need is an HDMI cable, which most likely you already have available from your TV. Take it out the TV and bring your laptop and Xbox together before you start this procedure.

Connect the HDMI cable accordingly. The output port side is used for the Xbox while the input port side will be connected to the laptop. Most cables are marked this way, making it easier for you to connect these devices.

After completing these 6 simple steps, the console is now connected to the laptop. You can start playing your favorite games without a TV as the visual output is now directed towards the laptop display.

For the internal layout I switched things up a bit from the last 2 laptops. The DVD drive is now on the right and the motherboard is rotated 90 degrees. I built the case in the usual way, plastic for the walls, aluminum for the main thick plates.

Hello! I was wondering if there was any way to display my Xbox on my laptop's screen? My laptop's model is HP ENVY x360 - 15t-cn100 CTO. I assumed it was possible, however after connecting the Xbox's HDMI cord to my laptop, I have found no way to change the source. The Xbox seems to be undetected by the system. I tried to get exact details of the nature of my HDMI port online, however I have only seen it called "HDMI 2.0". Is my laptop only an HDMI Out port? It doesn't say in or out on the model itself. And if the HP Envy laptop's HDMI port is able to receive visuals, how would I change to source to view these visuals? Thanks.

So you just got a new gaming laptop and want to start gaming right away because you are bored while staying at home. If you prefer a controller over a mouse and keyboard, you have the option to use an Xbox One controller. And, since Windows 10 natively supports the Xbox One wireless controller, setup should be easy, right?

The company has revealed online deals for laptops, consoles, games, subscriptions and more starting on Monday, November 21st and continuing until the following Monday, November 28th. These include Xbox Series S consoles, a variety of Xbox controllers and games, Surface devices and accessories.

The PlayBox is the latest custom project from Ed Zarick, a hacker-maker who builds custom prototypes for game enthusiasts. In the past, Zarick has modified both the PS4 and Xbox One, turning each into their own laptop and even combining the Xbox 360 and Xbox One into a single package called the Xbox Duo.

While the PlayBox is technically a laptop, it's huge even when compared to other gaming laptops. You also need to keep it plugged in, so unless you're near an outlet, you won't be using this beast on your next road trip.

If you prefer playing with a controller over a keyboard and mouse, either because you find it easier, or because your laptop's keyboard doesn't have enough key travel or feedback, you'll want to continue using your Xbox controller on your PC too.

Fear not if you have this controller - or a laptop without Bluetooth - we'll show you how to use your controller this way too. If you want to connect your Xbox controller to your smartphone, we show you how to do that in a separate guide.

Once you have one of those adapters, you simply plug it into a spare USB port on your Windows laptop or desktop, and then press and hold the pairing button on the side until the light starts blinking.

Master modder Eddie Zarick, whose previous creations include PlayStation 4 and Xbox One laptops, has revealed his latest work, and it's the grandest of them all. The PlayBox is a custom-made laptop that combines rivals consoles PS4 and Xbox One into a single 22" laptop form factor. 350c69d7ab


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