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Two Steps From Hell

It was only a matter of time before the composer duo Two Steps From Hell - who, with many billions of views on YouTube, Spotify and other streaming platforms, are among the most successful media music producers in the world - decided to go on tour. Their first live tour, long awaited by their fans, started in the summer of 2022 as a world premiere and thrilled audiences across Europe with highlights from the Two Steps From Hell sound cosmos.

Two Steps From Hell

About Two Steps From HellAfter realizing that their music had potential, composers Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix formed Two Steps From Hell in 2006. They initially specialized in creating music for the film industry, especially for movie trailers, a type of music that requires evocative themes but also needs to have an immediate impact. Their compositions appeared in the trailers of films such as Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Trek and many others. The success of their music skyrocketed and soon transferred from cinema to commercials, television shows, sports competitions and, in general, to any kind of large-scale artistic event that required epic music. Initially, Two Steps From Hell created music only for commercial use, but the popularity of their works was so great that in May 2010 they decided to release an album titled Invincible, which included a collection of some of their greatest hits. The response to this album exceeded all their expectations, and the rest, as they say, is history. Their fans, who numbered in the tens of thousands at that point, were craving more music, so Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix reinvented themselves and created new songs, not only for the audiovisual industry but also for the general public, and began releasing more albums. The phenomenon of Two Steps From Hell was born. These albums became so popular that their songs reached billions of views on YouTube and an equally large number of duplications on audio streaming platforms, reaching the top of the sales charts in both physical and digital versions.

A Two Steps from Hell egy amerikai produkciós zenei társulat Los Angelesben (Kalifornia), amelyet Thomas Bergersen és Nick Phoenix alapított 2006-ban.[2] A társulat elsősorban a filmekhez és az előzetesekhez készít zenéket, és olyan filmek zenéihez is nevét adta, mint a Csillagok között (Interstellar), a Harry Potter, A Karib-tenger kalózai és az X-Men.

A Two Step from Hell 2006-ban alakult, miután Thomas Bergersen és Nick Phoenix összefogott, hogy zenéket komponáljanak filmelőzetesekhez. Bergersen 2003-ban a norvégiai Trondheimből az Egyesült Államokba költözött Phoenixszel együtt, aki már 1997-ben elkezdett zenéket szerezni, még azelőtt, mielőtt Los Angelesbe költözött volna. 2006 elején alapították a társulatot, és azóta több mint 1000 nagy mozifilm előzetes zenét szereztek.[3]


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