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How To Buy E Dinar Coin

Note: Livecoin allows you to buy coins directly with Dollars, Euros and Rubles, but this comes with high fees. Buying Etherium on Coinbase and then exchanging it for E-Dinar Coin on Livecoin is much more efficient.

how to buy e dinar coin

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Binance and Changelly are good places to exchange your EDR to any other cryptocurrency. If you want to exchange it to regular currency, trader EDR for bitcoin and exchange BTC into dollars, euro, or other currencies.

You can earn money by staking E-Dinar Coin. Staking is a awesome way to maximize your EDR holdings. Once you have staked your EDR coins you can earn staking rewards and grow them by compounding future rewards.If your crypto use Proof of Stake you can stake it on-chain (by wallets) or off-chain (by exchanges). PoS works differently thank PoW. A validator node can be added to the pool by staking coins and it get a source of income without needing powerful mining hardware.

The value of the Iraqi dinar is unlikely to change before 2026. In March 2021, a spokesman for the Central Bank of Iraq announced that the currency would remain fixed for the next four years. Later that year, another government official confirmed that the exchange rate had been established in government budgets.

The value of the Iraqi dinar is fixed by the Iraqi government and does not change, unless the central bank changes the exchange rate. This means that the government decrees the price for sale and purchase of the currency.

On April 20, on the recommendation of an acquaintance to which I reserve the name, I decided to invest in the Edina-coin born in August 2016 offering 0.65% of the amount of EDR that we have in the wallet. It sounded very attractive to me because I could leave excellent profits

At that time I had no experience in the world of cryptocurrencies and to buy edinar I needed to buy bitcoin then at that moment I made the decision and invested $ 1700 which at the time would equal 1.38 BTC because the Bitcoin was valued at $ 1,229 then here comes the bad decision since I bought the equivalent in EDR about 6400 EDR approximately, the currency edinar ranged between 0.21 to 0.20 $

Unfortunately the currency plummeted in value when they changed the way to mine it, the PC had to be on 24 hours to generate the 0.65% commission, there are many countries where energy is very expensive and I guess most of the users left of mining it, this coin stopped being ecological as its creators mentioned it.

Taking out calculations, if only I had invested in bitcoin and I would have stayed with 1.39 BTC at the time of writing this post would get $ 25,298 - the investment that was $ 1700 net earnings would be $ 23,598.To date I am still mining the currency with the hope that the founders can implement improvements and encourage the growth of the Edinar, until now I have 19,216 EDR and the value at this time of writing the post is 0.012744 $ if I sold my edr at this time I would get $ 244

Update: Ledger Insights contacted the bank on the date of publication by phone and email but received no definitive response. Four days after publication, the Central Bank of Tunisia refuted that the e-dinar was an official test launch and stated that a Central Bank Digital Currency was only at the consideration stage. Technology partner Universa, also responded to the news.

E-dinars are now available to transfer between citizens, with shops, cafes, and restaurants slated to accept the currency in several months. The central bank plans also to use it in cross-border payments, circumventing the need for US dollars.

I ask a man who looks like he speaks English since he has a Quaker beard if he has any spare Dinars. He is leaning against the desk speaking to someone at Air Tunisia, and I ask him again after he's ignored me. I'm about to touch his shoulder because nothing is inappropriate when one is trying to flee a country, when he slams down a singe Dinar coin on the counter. I slide it off the desk and put it in my pocket.

The people behind the thick glass ask for their supervisor's assistance. The supervisor has stripes on his coat, and I am scared that I have done something illegal and will be discovered. Stripes man motions for them to stamp the damn passports. As we walk through metal detectors fully clothed, stripes asks us if we have any money from his country. From my pocket I put a handful of silver coins in his hand and tell him long live the revolution. Long live Tunisia, long live the revolution, and he says, Truly.

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Unknown assailants attacked two bank vehicles -- one filled with coins, the other carrying security guards -- as the convoy headed to Baghdad's central bank earlier this week, Iraqi police officials said Wednesday.

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